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Welcome to the world of natural materials!

Wood is a masterpiece created by nature: unique colors, harmonious texture and cozy scent. Wooden decor panels emanate warmth, its shape suggests full relax and calms perfectly. Having combined natural qualities of wooden materials together with the skills of professional carpenters we have been producing wood mosaic panels since 2011. Every element of the mosaic is given by nature and carefully assembled by human hands to create an excellent interior for you.

Wood mosaic matches perfectly with modern minimalism as well as with classic decor and creates space of pleasure. Nice touch to the natural materials, simple care and classic look of wood – features that will not leave anyone indifferent.



Elegant collection

Elegant Collection is the classic look of mosaic tiles, the diversity of forms and combinations of modules. This collection is perfectly used for the design of planar surfaces as well as curvilinear columns and arches. The main focus of this collection is made on wood structure, its uniqueness and diversity of shades and patterns gifted by nature.

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3D collection

Using the geometric shapes of different size gives an opportunity to create mosaic tiles providing 3D visual effect. The play of light and shadow, the texture of natural wood is a perfect decor solution for both home and office space. Creating 3D surface structure, you are adding natural beauty to your excellent style. Collection emphasizes the harmony of nature and can be a good idea for your dream interior.

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Aged Wood Collection

Aged Wood Collection is continuation of the line of three-dimensional wall panels. Wall panels are made of natural aged solid wood, that is more than 100 years old. The color, wood grain pattern and texture of the wall panels elements are unique as fingerprints. Aged wood wall panels will help you to create a truly unique interior. Simple, large geometric shapes with proper lighting will highlight the most important areas of the living space.

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New Collection

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About the product

All wooden mosaic panels:

Are made from solid wood

Covered with eco-friendly oil wax

Are water resistant and can be used in rooms with high humidity

Can be used as DIY product as they are easy to install

Are ready for installation and do not require additional processing

about product

About the company

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Wood Mosaic is a manufacturing company. Its workshops are equipped with special purpose processing equipment designed to produce wooden mosaic panels. Our goal is to make a product that will help to create the space where a person could feel warmth, cozyness and calm. We are looking for the new and unique ways of wood implementation in interior decor. Application of wood in interior is limitless. Everything depends on your imagination. You could highlight any part of your interior, where you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the wood texture and get positive energy.

Wood Mosaic Worldwide

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Working closely with our partners in many countries we have been selling wooden mosaic panels for many years.

Our products are presented by design offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Middle East.




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Special offer

  • We are ready to put all your ideas into practice and offer you variety of forms and colours for mosaic panels.
  • Our manufacturing process allows us to customize for any budget and tailor every aspect of mosaic panels to suit your vision.
  • Promotion of our products is possible under your trademark on terms of exclusive sales.
  • We have special offers for Retail Groups.