Ash Thermo

Ash Thermo

17.70 $/box
Brick Ash Thermo Wood
Model: Brick
18.00 $/box
Tessera Ash Thermo Wood
Model: Tessera
18.00 $/box
Enfasi Ash Thermo Wood
Model: Enfasi

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Panels are water resistant and can be used in rooms with high humidity


Emphasizes clear beautiful texture of wood. Cover: transparent oil wax.


Can be used for floor covering.


Can be used for walls, ceiling and stairs decoration.


Emphasizes natural colours of wood. Cover: colorless oil wax.

Solid Wood

Panels are made of solid wood.

Thermo Wood

Thermo technology gives unusual beautiful texture of wood and play of colours. Cover: transparent oil wax.


Variety of colours gives interior individuality and uniqueness. Cover: oil stain, oil wax.