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Oak Thermo Wood 8×8

Elegant Collection

Model: 8x8

28.40 $/box

1 box = 1 m2 (12 panels)

A wooden mosaic of the “Thermo wood” line attracts your attention by its noble and balanced shades, depth of texture and wood grain pattern of extraordinary beauty. Mosaic panels of the “Thermo wood” line boast an exceptional water resistance, they can be installed in places with high humidity thanks to the special thermo treatment of the wood.

Mosaic panels of 288х288 mm consists of 64 mosaic pieces of 34х34 mm and of 4 mm thick.
Width of joint:
2 mm. To fill the spaces between sheets and mosaics we recommend to use two-component grout manufactured by Mapei company.
Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh ССА-145 4х4, EN 13496.
Multilayer transparent oil wax (UV-Oil).
The mosaic panels are manufactured from 100 % oak wood.
Each box contains 12 panels and covers 1 sq.m.
Note: Colour may vary from screen representation. Multiple wood stain colour arrangements in each and every box.

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